Think, Plan, Action

For the last several months I have been building up my knowledge of gardening and building houses. My first garden was successful. The garden was producing about 20 to 30 cherry tomatoes a day and 3 to 6 Zucchini each week.

I was able to do some work on a small house and hooked up the power from the main resident. Unfortunately I am unskilled at plumbing so the house has no bath room. However, I did learn a lot about the construction of such a small house. Building small houses and renting them to people of low income is a major goal of House 13oom. 

I have been in communication with many buddies from the military discussing the how, the means, and why this program is needed. Many agree this is a good idea, unfortunately none wish to commit to the work required to accomplish it. One friend received 20k and approached me with the idea of starting up the program in Arizona. By building with dirt and mud we could create living and work areas for a fraction of the price to build with traditional lumber. After a month of discussion and planning he flipped the script and decided to purse a fight for custody of his child. I tried to argue the point that by building a home and business is exactly how you do that. He would hear nothing of it and now has spent the majority of his money on drugs and alcohol. 

I am currently in process moving out of my apartment. I received an eviction notice from management when I called the police ON management because he was harassing a man and causing a disturbance while attempting to start a physically altercation. The eviction was not legal but instead of trying to fight it I was able to get the lease agreement nullified. 

Recently one friend invited me to move in with him and we began discussing his idea to build small houses to be sold and shipped. With great effort on my part I was able to get us a basic plan formed for the business, all the while he implores  me to move there. Already hesitate from his avoiding business discussions, preferring to chase his next sexual conquest, I wished to discuss how he saw my arrival going at his location. This is when he said getting a woman to date him was more of a priority, when hours before was move here quickly. Disappointed, I realized his priority was sex. Leaving me upset that I wasted 3 days planning and working toward a goal that was a mirage. I am thankful I learned that before commiting myself to a move. 

What I have come to learn is people love to talk about doing work till the work shows up. I do not believe this person to be lazy, because he does more work then I, but I feel people does not wish to sacrifice for their goals and are to caught in the trap that is our basic desires. I am disappointed but I did learn a lot about planning, goal setting, and dealing with people.

 I will have no housing soon but what I do have is a more valuable. I have my freedom and faith that God will place me where I am needed. 

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