Leaving my friends house in Seattle a day later then I planned but I picked a fine day. First time seeing the sun since I arrived in Seattle. I managed to fix a few things while at here so my friend hooked it up with some bus fair and karaoke. My bag blew up all over the place which is the standard. Dragging ass I finally got my shit together and got dropped off on my chosen bus route North to Bellingham, while trying to avoid downtown Seattle. While waiting for my bus I got some food and a fool ran at me. I looked left and right as this guy is fucking guy sprinting at me with what almost appears to be pistols in each hand but are merely phones. He continues his dash at me and all I can think is this is gonna hurt you more than it hurts me. Thankfully he stops a few yards short of me as I square off, read to take him down. He proceeds to stare at me issuing discomforting mumbles as spittle spews from his face. He boards a bus other than my intended and I am able to relax. I am making my way to Everett and prolly going to camp out there tonight when a curious thing happened at the Bellevue transit center. The bus I was intending to catch had a perfectly formed line waiting on the bus. They had to be the most organized group of strangers I have ever seen. A neat shuffle as they boarded the bus, nearly everyone paid with a card for speedy access.

I arrive in Everett an hour past the last bus I could catch north. So I quickly dead drop my night bag and proceed with my laptop bag, which will be my running day bag for now. I follow the little magnet in my head and make it to some WiFi to recon the area and chat with friends. With recon in hand I reacquire my night bag and search for my camp spot, one potential area identified from WiFi access. Location found, secure the area, bunker down. Kinda cold, almost able to not need sleeping bag. But, why even be chilly when you got a warm bag.

Woke up early, then woke up late. A little photo session of the environment I set myself to sleep last night. Then off to the bus terminal. As I walk the short distance down the hill I found myself stunned in awe of the snow capped mountain. Or is it a volcano? Because I thought there was to be one around here. I find that my bus only leaves mornings and afternoons so I must wait till their lunch break is over. I find a spot to repack my bags and put kilt in bag due to nice weather my balls sweats. I meet a few locals and we share of the daily bread. Offerings are passed while a pirate dominates the gathering. He is of much spirit but not one I care to share a ship with. I also meet a woman who tells me her story how her skate board hit her in the head after falling from it going thirty miles an hour. I fell in love with her instantly. Alas it is time to catch the next bus.

The bus ride to Mt. Vernon was a pleasant ride with beautiful views of hills and a brief glimpse of the snow capped mountain thing. I found out the bus goes further north then my current destination of Mt. Vernon. So I continue my ride to Chuckanut and pray I can quickly solicit the money to continue my journey to Bellingham. I arrive in Chuckanut station and meander down the street looking for WiFi or for a spot to fly a sign for my bus fare. Does not take me long to; A) get tired and B) find a spot. I find a nice corner where traffic backs up in front of a 7 Eleven. After grabbing some cardboard from the garbage,I make a sign the reads “Bus and Food”. Within thirty minutes I have a teriyaki dinner and the money for the bus. I hustle back to Chuckanut station to eat, wait on the bus, and give thanks.

Entering Bellingham was an interesting experience. The station is surrounded by niche stores and people with back packs. I quietly mosey around the block and follow the little magnet in my head. I quickly find manpower and labor ready and I also find WiFi to chat with friends and research the area. I log on to find I got a reply from a Rustic Resort I applied at. Nothing I can do about that so when concluding my research and chats I do a walk about downtown Bellingham. So far I like this place. It is sprinkling a little bit and there is a cool damp nip in the air, but otherwise a pleasant evening. I slowly hop from corner to corner, dropping my bags at each stop. I breath deeply of the fresh air and rejoice in the act of being. I get plenty of stares as I walk. Either my kilt, my load, or my Master Claw draws eyes and attention. I speak to only those who ask. I open my mind and heart to what is. After enjoying a guitarist busk for a while I figure I wasted enough time and began to seek camp. I search a while and my first chosen spot was a bust as I was quickly driven off by rain. I scoured a couple blocks before coming to the conclusion to do as the locals so I camped out in a vacant doorand got fairly wet, twice, but thankfully I got it working. I woke fairly dry to ladies with offering of coffee and information, both I wanted. I set out for a cigarette and a place to shave and charge phone. That mission was accomplished at the mission. At lunch I sought coffee for WiFi access to call the Rustic Resort in query of my potential employment. I feel I nail the phone interview and I schedule a Skype interview for the next morning. Wanting the best chance to get the job I decide to race back to Evans for my interview clothes.

While passing thru Everett I rushed to the restroom to expel the 5 coffees I had this morning. On my way out to catch the next bus south I run into the woman from the day before. Her name is Rachel Redland and I was thankful to make her acquaintance once more. Alas I am pressed for time so after some short pleasantries I am on my way. I make it back to Renton with plenty to time to spare. It is raining fairly well as I head to McDonald for some WiFi. I call Evan  to inform him I will be walking up his hill to his house and it should be about an hour till I make it. Three hours later I arrive at Evans after getting super lost and only making it there by locating a WiFi that gave me a temp access. I shower and go to sleep exhausted and happy.

I wake an hour before my interview and prepare as best I can. With positive thoughts comes positive action and the interview goes very well. By the end of the video call we were both laughing and joking and I get the job! I am very excited but I still get some negativity from friends and family. Ooh well, I cannot control their thoughts. I can only decide if I will continue to include them in my life. I have a couple days left in Washington and it has been a great start to my this Boom Adventure