Collaboration – Like minds for sustainability.

Dreams are just goals you have not planned to finish. In 2009 when I got out of the military I had two goals. First I wanted to travel the USA by means of hitch hiking the country and getting to know the American people. But my bigger goal is to one day build a community based on off grid sustainability. I have spent many years traveling the USA, learning about sustainable solutions, and looking for like minded people.

First, I wanted to find out more about the country I served for. I wanted to know if my service was worth it because at that point in my life I was stressed out from my time in military and the affairs of my country for my fellow Americans were fighting with each other and hate seemed to be a common plight. Furthermore, I knew very little about many of the states that make up the USA so I figured walking and hitch hiking would be a great way to learn about each state and its residents. To my delight I found that love is still found across the land and that people are happy and willing to help out their fellow man. I met many loving and interesting people and found sustainable living solutions is a common interest among them.

Next, after a year of travel I started getting educated by going to college and doing research on alternative power, permaculture and off grid sustainability. Before leaving the military I started a Facebook page House 13oom and began using that page to share ideas and try to find people with similar goals. Unfortunately I did not have much, if any, progress to get people to take an interest in a sustainability and an off grid self sufficient eco community. Disheartened I let the project gather dust as I continued to travel and educate myself. Years later some friends of mine from the military started talking about wanting to do more with their lives and even mentioned wanting to build what I have been trying to accomplish. In the end they decided to let things like sex, drugs or pursuit of money to distract them for accomplishing something great.

Finally, after many years of feeling alone, I have met a man with like minded goals. His project and Facebook page Pyramid Greens almost mirrors the goals of my project House 13oom which is to use the pyramid shape to design, build and use technologies in a congruent system that can create a power, food and make clean water for an off grid sustainable community. Where one day communities shall be built on land, sea and even take to the air with goals of taking mankind into space. These communities will have the potential to one day grow to large cities that could support man for generations to come and beyond.

In conclusion, my travels have shown me that people want sustainability, that there are technologies not being used that could be used to build the cities of the future and it can only happen by gathering like minded people that share the same goals. Hopefully with the collaboration of Pyramid Greens and House 13oom we can gather the people with dreams of a better tomorrow then use this community to discuss and share ideas. When the people come together anything is possible and I would like to encourage anyone with interests in off grid living, sustainability and eco community’s to join our efforts.

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Free Ads on Facebook

I have a Facebook page I have been trying to use to share cool stuff and promote ideas, people and organizations. I recently joined an off the grid group on Facebook and they asked for a book that we has helped us learn. I got a cool book a while back called “Five Acres and Independence” and it is a practical guild to the selection and management of a small farm. Now it was first published in 1935 but I got a copy from 1946. It is one of my favorite things I still own. So I took a picture to share on my Instagram, mostly just to keep it moving, and then shared it to my House 13oom Facebook page. Well Facebook game me a $10 dollar credit to boost the post and I figured, why not, and used it to promote the post. Surprised it worked and a bit disappointed I did not use the other free $10 bucks to boost other posts. Good to know for future posts. That is all.

Déjà vu?

Is any one else experiencing Déjà vu? I have been experiencing it for a couple weeks now. I am having wild dreams of rapture and visions of possible futures. It is weird and could be scary but I am experienced with such things.

Biblically all this drama in the world has been for told. It reads that the devil will take hold of the world. I believe he has had it a long time. I believe we are in the times of judgment. It matters not if you are pro Trump or anti Trump, for his only purpose is to bring out the hate that both sides are shouting.

Anti Trump people are yelling hate and even wishing murder upon this man. Useing the same type of hate and lies the pro Trump supporters use. While pro Trump people are being used by the Trump agenda to make hate and give our citizens justification to be hateful because of race, sexuality and gender.

Pro Trump Christians are praising him instead of God. I have seen Christians advocate running over ANTFI protesters. I have seen them use the hate in their heart to condemn people kneeling. Christans condemn homosexuality while disrespecting marriage with divorce, cheating and pre marital sex. Christan leaders corrupted by money by taking the tides and living in comfort while their people suffer from storms and hunger.

How can anyone want come to God and Jesus while these people throw there hate and with pride say they are better then another man. While they use the Bible to attack those they are called to help and testify to.

I say to you this. Now is the time to put away the sins that harm you. Now is the time to come to God. Not as the Christian demands but as God asks. God is easy, God is loving. God does not want you to suffer this world. This world is sin. Praising Trump is a sin. Hating Trump is a sin. Focus on God and Jesus and let God handle the rest. You cannot save or change the people but you can change how you deal with them.

Christans and non Christans are being devoured by the evil of this world. Their souls are being corrupted by news, politics and the love of money. Busy are they with fear of the course world. That fear turns to hate and is being spread like a cancer upon the nation only serving to destroy them, our country and world.

Have no fear! All the troubles that are being used to kill us could, through faith in God, be used to unite us and guide us to the light of his love. Sell your possessions give it to the needy. For no matter how big your house, your walls… No matter how many guns or supplies you have…
When the big storm comes. It will kill the faithful and unfaithful alike. But where you end up will be the difference.