Free Ads on Facebook

I have a Facebook page I have been trying to use to share cool stuff and promote ideas, people and organizations. I recently joined an off the grid group on Facebook and they asked for a book that we has helped us learn. I got a cool book a while back called “Five Acres and Independence” and it is a practical guild to the selection and management of a small farm. Now it was first published in 1935 but I got a copy from 1946. It is one of my favorite things I still own. So I took a picture to share on my Instagram, mostly just to keep it moving, and then shared it to my House 13oom Facebook page. Well Facebook game me a $10 dollar credit to boost the post and I figured, why not, and used it to promote the post. Surprised it worked and a bit disappointed I did not use the other free $10 bucks to boost other posts. Good to know for future posts. That is all.

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