PR Water Solution – Solar Distillation

Problem – Water – Water is contaminated / no fresh water.
Solution – Solar Water Distillation
Discussion – Materials needed to build a solar still? How to teach people to build them? Can they make enough water for everyone? Where are they needed most?
There are many ways to make a solar still. Some are fancy and many are very simple.
Simple Ones
1. Two plastic bottles attached together in the openings. Put water in one then set in the sun on an incline with water in lower bottle. The sun will evaporate the water and condense in the upper one where you will have it drain out into another container.
2. A small jar inside a larger container. The smaller jar contains the water and is set in the middle of the larger container which is sealed. Set this in the sun and the water from the smaller jar will evaporate and condense into the larger container.
3. Dig a hole in the ground. Pour contaminated water into the hole and let it soak in. Place a container in the center of the hole. Cover the hole with a plastic material like a from a trash bag. Place a rock over the location of the container below. Water will condense on the plastic and drip into the container.
*There are many more easy ones like those.*
Larger ones can be built but require more material.
Pyramid Example- This one can be improved with focused solar from mirrors or lenses and can even make electricity if modified.
Pyramid Shaped Solar Distillation Device

By adding the lenses creation technique from the video below you can hasten the distillation process and create electricity by using the steam and heat to move a motor to create electricity.
Create a large lens cheaply.

Puerto Rico Volunteer Farming Mission?

Well, I have spent a lot of time sewing recently and not being proactive in looking for work. I have one job kind on the hook, I just got job lead to work with a traveling Disney Show but I also have the potential to possible go to Puerto Rico to help with farming.

I have been wanting to go to Puerto Rico because I think this would be a prime time to go teach permaculture methods, water purification methods and how to build generators out of old electric motors. The only way I could get there is with support of friends, family or strangers helping with the plane ticket. I could likely hitch my way to Florida from Texas but still gotta find a way to jump over that water. It would be an interesting, rough but rewarding adventure. I highly doubt I will get any donations from my family because they do not really do humanitarian things. I got one friend that already payed for a plane ticket to get me to South East Texas to volunteer there helping people recover from hurricane Harvey. So I am not sure if I would desire him, my battle buddy, to donate on this trip but he is the only likely one I could think of doing so.

I am considering trying to do a patch gift or artwork type thing to entice donations. But with all the scammers out there it will be difficult to solicit the money. I have done some fund raising for other organizations but even that was even hard to find people willing to donate to reputable organizations. But if I can raise the $200 I need I am going to Puerto Rico. That is fairly cheap but at my current location my options of making cash on my own are slim to nil.

The farm is being rented and paid for by retired captain from the army who is an RN and with a nurse in NY who just returned from a Puerto Rico.  The Army captain is getting access to services in NY and needs help rebuilding her farm. Since my goal is to one day build a farm this will benefit both she and I. It could also be good for me to work with a fellow veteran. Well, wish me luck please! Still not very experienced with wordpress so not sure if it is like Facebook “Like, Comment, Share” haha. If any one is interested in helping please share or  Donate to House 13oom Here, you can also check out my Facebook page here, and my Instagram Here which has a couple videos and pictures from my work in South East Texas. Well, lets see if the Lord wills me to go to Puerto Rico. Thank you for your time.