PR Water Solution – Solar Distillation

Problem – Water – Water is contaminated / no fresh water.
Solution – Solar Water Distillation
Discussion – Materials needed to build a solar still? How to teach people to build them? Can they make enough water for everyone? Where are they needed most?
There are many ways to make a solar still. Some are fancy and many are very simple.
Simple Ones
1. Two plastic bottles attached together in the openings. Put water in one then set in the sun on an incline with water in lower bottle. The sun will evaporate the water and condense in the upper one where you will have it drain out into another container.
2. A small jar inside a larger container. The smaller jar contains the water and is set in the middle of the larger container which is sealed. Set this in the sun and the water from the smaller jar will evaporate and condense into the larger container.
3. Dig a hole in the ground. Pour contaminated water into the hole and let it soak in. Place a container in the center of the hole. Cover the hole with a plastic material like a from a trash bag. Place a rock over the location of the container below. Water will condense on the plastic and drip into the container.
*There are many more easy ones like those.*
Larger ones can be built but require more material.
Pyramid Example- This one can be improved with focused solar from mirrors or lenses and can even make electricity if modified.
Pyramid Shaped Solar Distillation Device

By adding the lenses creation technique from the video below you can hasten the distillation process and create electricity by using the steam and heat to move a motor to create electricity.
Create a large lens cheaply.

Power of the People

Hello, my name is Thomas. I am a professional nomad. Mostly just a fancy way to say jobless and homeless or as I prefer “houseless”.

I have spent 12 months traveling the country. Out of all the things I have done this year the three weeks I volunteered in South East Texas helping people recover from hurricane Harvey is likely the most important. I befriended a judge while helping a boy’s troubled home, made family with a couple when I helped them demo and install new floors. The Cajun Navy took me in and allowed me to help the demo and deliver supplies to people. I met a great man in Port Arthur who is basically running things down there by taking care of his community. But unfortunately my brash behavior and head strong attitude got me black balled by the organization I sought to join. 

So after three weeks of doing all I can to help, I returned to Dallas to recover physically and mentally. The “warzone” looking area of Rose City, TX and the surrounding areas brought up things I had thought I under control. I have spent years trying to deny that I had PTSD from my deployment to Iraq but when I started to have nightmares that were a mixture of Iraq and hurricane related stuff. I was heartbroken to have to leave the area. But as many people kept telling me. “You got to take care of yourself first.” So I came to Dallas with hopes of getting a service connection for PTSD with VA. 

Well… I have made no progress on that because since then I have been focusing all my attention on helping a friend I met while helping The Cajun Navy with his goal of sending medical supplies and personnel, including his self, to Puerto Rico to give much need medical treatment to those effected by hurricane Maria. I have been using my Facebook page @House13oom to promote his cause and do fundraiseing to help him complete his mission. This brings me to the point of this blog… The power of the people. 

I was sitting in San Diego after completing a hitching journey from Canada to Mexico when Harvey hit. I called a buddy I served with and asked him to put money into my account so I could fly to Dallas. From there I got online and started searching for a ride to South East Texas. It took me a week but I had many strangers actively seeking me a ride and finally got a ride with a man leaving the Dallas area to go help do demo work. Through a contact with one group helping I was connected to a Judge and after bunking at his house for a night I helped a boy’s troubled home. Next, I walked city to city to try to volunteer my services for free but all I got was cash donations. I gave the money to homeless people I met along the way and did manage to find one couple to help, who I have already mentioned. Now, since my return to Dallas I have spent my time finding and sharing information on Puerto Rico. Mostly I find people with supplies that need delivered and I connect them with other people. I have made contacts all over the country and this has begun to lead into contacts world wide. For America has been hit with four hurricanes and recently a shooting in Las Vegas, but the whole world is in strife right now. Droughts in Kenya, flooding in India I believe, earthquakes in Mexico are just a few of the  horrible events that are still effecting billions of people around the world. 

As I sit comfortably at my mother’s house, watching the TV show “Wisdom of the Crowd” I was reminded of all the people that have helped me this year and in the recent weeks. Mind boggling is the logistics that are happening right now by people on computers or like me with a crummy phone and wifi. I am helping people in Puerto Rico by helping my friend complete his medical mission. I am connecting doctors with supplies and transport. I have no job and no money. I cannot donate to a fund but I can spread the awareness. I want to go help rebuild but without being part of a funded team it limits my effectiveness. If I can do such things with my limited resources and so many others doing the same… What would happen if we all took responsibility for the welfare of our neighbors, of those in need, those that cannot do for their selves? What would that world look like? To me it is a beautiful dream. One that is definitely possible if we could come together as one people. 

Below I will add a few of the organizations and fundraisers I feel deserve attention. There are hundreds of plights out there and we can overcome those if we just try. 

Thank you.

Medical Relief for Puerto Rico– My friends project and my main concern.

Austin nurse’s Puerto Rico aid pledge grows to major endeavor
Drought in Kenya
Cajun Relief– Non Profit out of Louisiana