Déjà vu?

Is any one else experiencing Déjà vu? I have been experiencing it for a couple weeks now. I am having wild dreams of rapture and visions of possible futures. It is weird and could be scary but I am experienced with such things.

Biblically all this drama in the world has been for told. It reads that the devil will take hold of the world. I believe he has had it a long time. I believe we are in the times of judgment. It matters not if you are pro Trump or anti Trump, for his only purpose is to bring out the hate that both sides are shouting.

Anti Trump people are yelling hate and even wishing murder upon this man. Useing the same type of hate and lies the pro Trump supporters use. While pro Trump people are being used by the Trump agenda to make hate and give our citizens justification to be hateful because of race, sexuality and gender.

Pro Trump Christians are praising him instead of God. I have seen Christians advocate running over ANTFI protesters. I have seen them use the hate in their heart to condemn people kneeling. Christans condemn homosexuality while disrespecting marriage with divorce, cheating and pre marital sex. Christan leaders corrupted by money by taking the tides and living in comfort while their people suffer from storms and hunger.

How can anyone want come to God and Jesus while these people throw there hate and with pride say they are better then another man. While they use the Bible to attack those they are called to help and testify to.

I say to you this. Now is the time to put away the sins that harm you. Now is the time to come to God. Not as the Christian demands but as God asks. God is easy, God is loving. God does not want you to suffer this world. This world is sin. Praising Trump is a sin. Hating Trump is a sin. Focus on God and Jesus and let God handle the rest. You cannot save or change the people but you can change how you deal with them.

Christans and non Christans are being devoured by the evil of this world. Their souls are being corrupted by news, politics and the love of money. Busy are they with fear of the course world. That fear turns to hate and is being spread like a cancer upon the nation only serving to destroy them, our country and world.

Have no fear! All the troubles that are being used to kill us could, through faith in God, be used to unite us and guide us to the light of his love. Sell your possessions give it to the needy. For no matter how big your house, your walls… No matter how many guns or supplies you have…
When the big storm comes. It will kill the faithful and unfaithful alike. But where you end up will be the difference.

Sewing up an old friend

Sitting here sewing up my bag. Getting to the really messed up parts. I have had this bag so long it has become a close friend. The wounds I am sewing are almost grotesque. Fixing a knarly head wound that should require a patch. But I am only pulling the skin fairly close together and basically weaving new cloth. Then I must fix a huge opening in the side, already repaired two, but this one is torn in many angles. After that it is on to the small holes and ones that will potentially become holes.

My mother asked why I would want to spend all this time and energy on this pack when I could just use one of the army duffles. First off because my bag has better straps and only can hold so much before full. Next because I am now very much used to this one and it is almost sentimental to me. But mostly it is because why would I not put the time and effort to repair something that has served me well for 8 years to downgrade to something that won’t work nearly as well just to save time and energy. I have a rule with my equipment. If it cannot take the abuse of my normal life and breaks too easy then it is not for me. If an item can survive threw hell with me and breaks after many long hard battles then I will fix or replace.

This whole sewing project has me thinking of friendships and relationships current and past. I have had to dispose of many people these last couple years and more so these last couple months. Some of the reasons because I have been the equipment that was being neglected after many years of service with no care received back and sometimes because that person has proven to fragile to be close to me. With my roughness I have also avoided certain relationships because I fear to hurt them. But of the fragile ones I had to let go some were let go because they were too fragile to have opinions challenged and grew offended too often. Others were let go because I did not wish to offend because of my beliefs so to spare them being upset I removed me from their life. But of the few friends I still call as such. They should know that much like this bag I would never throw them away. I will put the time and effort to try to repair them with any and all means I have. But there are somethings that I cannot repair. Sometimes they must be sent away to others in hopes that that other person can do the job better then I can. But just because I have sent them away does not mean I don’t love them or need them. It only means something is missing from my life.

House 13oom is back online.


I Thomas, aka “Sonic 13oom”, the admin and founder of House 13oom would like to ask for patience as I build and launch this site with the aims of promoting people, ideas and projects.  This year of 2017 has been a wile ride so far. I quit a job at a hostel as a dishwasher and went from California to Hawaii to Wyoming to Texas to Colorado to California. Finally after many months hitch hiking I accepted a job as another dishwasher at a different resort in California. It was a rough transition to go from a week long festival to a job but it was a interesting and rewarding transition, if only for a short time, before beginning my next adventure soon to come.

I will try to play some catch up on my travels and start adding content that I feel represents House 13oom such as, permaculture, green energy, and tiny house communities. I welcome tribe, hecklers and investors to comment and share your ideas. We are all in this together so let us work together to build a booming future. Thank you for your time.

“Sonic 13oom”